Virgin Islands again warns of deadly lava flows after eruption of volcano on opposite side of Atlantic

The governor of the popular vacation island of Bali is sounding the alarm over a rising tide of volcanic eruptions and landslides along the island’s northeast shore. Officials have advised residents to evacuate the area, but few are leaving.

The warning level has been raised from 2 to 4 (the “normal” level is 5), and many others in Bali are in the process of being moved. The alert level has been increased by three from 6 (the “indignant” level), though authorities are still urging residents to stay clear of the mountainside. Indonesian officials are concerned that heavy rainfall and rising sea levels could trigger even more landslides.

In a video series released by the Department of Climatology, the Indonesian agency notes a historic pattern of “sudden eruptions” along the northeast coast of Bali every 10 years. Rising sea levels mean that the blustery winds have much more impact than they once did. Meanwhile, there have been 56 volcanic eruptions in 2018 alone, and volcanologists say they expect this trend to continue.

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